Creative Control Fest | Chef Nikki Steward
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Chef Nikki Steward

Chef Nikki Steward

Chef Nikki Steward

Celebrity Chef |


Celebrity Chef Nikki Steward is known for her passion for cooking with fresh ingredients. She makes each dish relatable and shine with its unique flavor. Since making Columbus, Ohio her home, Chef Nikki has sought to foster community through food and philanthropy through her ‘Good Stewards’ brand.Cooking started at a young age for Steward out of necessity. Growing up as an only child, in a single parent household in Cincinnati, Ohio, Steward developed a knack for following recipes and creating her own. After high school, Steward decided to attend The Ohio State University and major in Pharmaceutical Sciences. After college, she enjoyed being in the pharmaceutical industry, however she never felt satisfied and knew that her passion for all things culinary was innate. Instead of compliancy with working a standard 9-5, Steward decided to step out on faith and start Good Stewards Catering and Private Chef Services in 2008. In no time, she watched her dream become a reality.

Knowing she needed to hone her culinary skills she trained with some of the best executive and celebrity chefs in the country. Moreover, she became a member and mentee with world renowned Les Dames Escoffier International.

Steward eventually grew her business in the private chef service industry by becoming a personal chef to celebrities and athletes. Eventually she began touring with various artist and celebrities. With a focus on radical simplicity and artful presentation, Chef Nikki has gained notoriety among celebrities for her food creations with combinations of fresh, local, organic produce and healing properties of superfoods. She is extremely humbled by the opportunity to serve people, of all walks of life, a complete and unique dining experience.

Currently Chef Nikki is a guest chef at several local restaurants. She is in collaboration with ‘Here to Disrupt’ and ‘Dinner Lab’: creative outputs for chefs to create unique dining experiences. Steward has two revolving pop-up restaurant concepts that are ongoing throughout the year. Her latest project is ‘FiVE Brunch’, which was created to bring like-minded people together for a heightened culinary experience that will engage all your senses. This project will reach several cities as a monthly recurring event. ‘FiVE’ will have crafted drinks, eccentric music, and a carefree atmosphere.

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